publications on music   

Herman van San, sketch for De Schim van Memling (1952)

book chapters.

  • ‘Finnissy’s Three-Point Plans: Political Agendas and Musical Enunciations’, in Ian Pace and Nigel McBride (eds), Bright Futures, Dark Pasts: Michael Finnissy at 70 (London: Routledge [forthcoming, May 2019])
  • 'The Making of Musical Extremism: The Monsters and the Critics of Total Serialism, in J. A. Dane (ed), Begging the Question: Chauceriana, Book History, and Humanistic Inquiry (Mythodologies II) (Los Angeles: Marymount Institute Press, 2019)


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  • ‘»NEUE MUSIK ALTET EWIG« / New Music Aging Forever’, collaboration with Johannes Kreidler, Nuove Musiche. Forthcoming.
  • ‘Cyberbored/Culture-Jammed: The Short-Circuit of Musical Progress’, Nuove Musiche. Forthcoming.
  • ‘Not Everybody’s Goal’, Cacophony Magazine, 2017.

           http://www.cacophonymag.com/cacophonyhome2/2017/7/16/not-                           everybodys-goal

           DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0040298217000420

modern critical editions.

  • Étude pour 15 instruments by Michel Fano. with commentary. 2018–2019.
  • Diaphonie for orchestra by Karel Goeyvaerts. with commentary. Donemus 2017.



           DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0040298218000736

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  • 'Wet Hot Kranischstein Summer: Darmstadt 2016 in Review’, Tempo, 71.279 (2017), 87–91

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